“Unbutton your beast”

Levi’s new campaign leaves me almost speechless.

Once upon a time, the San Francisco-based jeans maker strictly avoided sexual overtones in its advertising. For years, they created wonderful ad campaigns that celebrated the best of the unique American character. Levi’s was hip and universal at the same time. A neat trick. 

Now they’ve completely given up, taken the easy way out, and sunk to the lowest common denominator.

The campaign is called “Unbutton your beast.” It includes a website where you can customize your “beast”, protruding from your unbuttoned fly. Presumably adolescent boys can send an ecard of the resulting image to the object of their base desires.

(Google it if you like. I’m not linking to it.)

With this campaign, Levi’s at long last completes their brand transformation from iconic to common.

Levi’s and their agency — EVB of San Francisco, part of the Omnicom Group — should be ashamed.

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