Which Wieden+Kennedy do you prefer?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know they’re built for different purposes. But which do you prefer: The Wieden+Kennedy official site, or the blog from the Portland office?  And why?

Personally, I like the blog infinitely more. My guess is that the fancy corporate site has outworn its welcome. The days when figuring out what a website is supposed to do, what it’s supposed to represent and how it’s supposed to work are long gone.

What do you think?

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13 responses to “Which Wieden+Kennedy do you prefer?

  • Boobies

    Assuming they’d add a portfolio link to the blog, I agree. But the blog has always been the voice of studio at WK, so they’d also have to move to a more omnipotent voice.

  • Barrett Rossie

    Boob: they would have to add the pertinent info, but I like the blog approach a lot more. (I would avoid an “omnipotent” voice, but I know what you’re getting at!)

    I was very pleased when The Martin Agency dropped their old ‘brochureware” approach and went with their new bloggish approach about a year ago. See this post: http://wp.me/pf2Z9-1M

    • Hugh Bowen

      I agree the blog is better for most people. It’s more fun, gives me a feeling of really weird, really creative people (like the video of the W+K exec, Griswold I think, who assembled a group of newcomers and had them all wear t-shirts with numbers on them instead of names… weird, but interesting).

      Yes, they would have to add some of the pertinent info, like all the ads.

  • Ed Reese

    Hey Barrett,

    The blog is better by a mile. Here are my comments on both:

    Corporate Site:

    -Took forever to load (20+ seconds and I’m on cable)
    -Didn’t tell my anything (other than they have a lot of clients)
    -Didn’t connect with me. Didn’t want to like them, really. It’s not warm, or welcoming, it brags ala 1999.


    -Quick to load.
    -Easy to find examples

    The blog wins by a mile.

  • Barrett Rossie

    Thanks Ed!

    “Endearing” v “not warm or welcoming”.

    Well, W+K didn’t build their brand on warm or welcoming, but not on cold and unapproachable either. A lot of their work has made you hold your breath, made your eyes get big, and compelled you to action.

    The corporate site doesn’t seem to make you want to join their world, does it? Whereas the blog does. I agree 100%, the site should be more endearing. A GREAT word to use.

    (Oh heck, I’m influencing the conversation, aren’t I?)

  • Deanna Camp

    Blog. Hands down. While visually I was wowed by the eye candy of the corp. site, I had a headache at the time and all the flash made it worse. Plus, you’re right worn out it’s welcome and I’m not really impressed by the huge client list either. I’ll never get job there.

    The blog is approachable, not full of itself and uses the f-word. Cool.

    • Barrett Rossie

      Thanks Deanna. I would love to hear someone defend the W+K site. (It’s only fair, and there are a lot people with more insight than I have.) When I first saw it a while back, I thought it was impressive, but not right for some reason. Today, at least a year later, it seems to go against the tide of what the web is becoming.

  • jason

    I don’t know that anyone at Wieden is very proud of that site. At the time, it seemed like the agency needed to prove itself in the digital world. But I totally agree, a blog is a living thing; a website starts to die the day it goes live.

  • Stuhrling

    Blog. Hands down. While visually I was wowed by the eye candy of the corp. site, I had a headache at the time and all the flash made it worse. Plus, you're right worn out it's welcome and I'm not really impressed by the huge client list either. I'll never get job there.

    The blog is approachable, not full of itself and uses the f-word. Cool.;. All the best!!

  • Ryan

    Hey Barrett, I tend to agree with you. I think there is a certain aspect of cool to the main W+K website but I must say I am a big fan of practical usable websites. I would imagine when they put that website together they thought it would help brand them as a digital agency. What the site really does for me is make it look like they don’t understand the fundamental technologies of the Internet. A website like this tells me they’re more worried about their image than servicing their customers. If a company makes it this difficult for potential customers to use their website, imagine what it is like to work with them!

    • Barrett Rossie

      Ouch! You make great points Ryan. I’m sure W+K has done some great work for their clients on the web. I can’t really defend the current W+K company site, except to say it probably seemed a lot more relevant and impressive a couple years ago.

      They have so much great content to share, but the site gets in the way of the sharing.

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