Here’s a promo for my old agency.

Promo for Clarity05

The year was 2005. We thought most of our clients failed to take advantage of the web’s potential. Things have changed a lot even since then. 

The agency’s web site is here.

Flash design by Jef Lear. Thanks Jef!

Key insight

When you want to experiment with new techniques, experiment on yourself. When you’re successful, you can apply your new-found expertise to your clients’ benefit.  


Copy for all samples by Barrett Rossie
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One response to “Clarity05

  • jerry fields

    Greetings Barrett.

    Gina gave me a shout and mentioned that she had discovered your site.

    So what have you been up to lately? Say, the last ten to fifteen years. (Besides obviously working many late nights).

    I’ve been in NYC since ’94, most of that time working freelance. Life is good here. Very social. We have to be, or we’d kill each other.

    When you’re not busy, fill me in.


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