kink-fm, Cal Scott

This is more of the same from the KINK-fm True To The Music campaign. I wanted to add a separate page for Cal Scott, because he particularly demonstrates how strong this concept was.

Cal, who now composes music for films, was one of our first subjects for the campaign. When we filmed him, were experimenting on the format. We were hopeful but didn’t know exactly what to expect.

It worked better than we could have hoped. Cal was a wonderful personality. We learned that concept was so strong that in less than half an hour of filming, we wound up with multiple commercials. We’d be able to engage viewers for much longer than normal. (In fact, the True To The Music campaign continued for close to 20 years!) The concept allowed KINK to commit to a much broader TV buy. With a huge catalog of spots, they could purchase or trade for time far more opportunistically.

We ended up with about seven spots with Cal. Here are four.

Note: Some of the video below seems to be broken. My apologies. I will try to fix it this week.

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