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Hayes Barnard, Paramount Equity Mortgage and advertising lies

Hayes Barnard and Paramount Equity fined about $400,000 for violations

This is not a photo of Hayes Barnard of Paramount Equity Mortgage, who was fined $400,000

You’ll notice I didn’t write “Hayes Barnard and Paramount Equity Lie.” No, I parsed the language (quite cleverly, if I say so myself). It leads you to believe something a bit different than what’s actually written.

It’s kind of like the radio commercials of Hayes Barnard and Paramount Equity Mortgage. Continue reading

Lies that hurt our profession, part 2

A friendly radio voice says he can sell your home 26 days faster than the national average, usually for the full asking price. You can even fire him! But you won’t want to. Continue reading

Lies that hurt our profession

Here are two of the most lying, cheating, fabricating, duplicitous and overall irritating radio spots that lately we’ve heard over and over around these parts. 

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